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monastery of St. John

Published in: SIGHTS
on 20/06/2013

Located 7 km south of the charming village of Kefalos. It is an idyllic location
between planes. Next to the monastery, half-ruined tower has been preserved. On August 29, many people flock here
to pay homage to the saint.

Agia Paraskevi

Published in: SIGHTS
on 20/06/2013

Located in the city of Kos. It's a very large church that dominates the city center. Size
the church, with the external beauty of beige and blue hues make discernible. Each year, a crowd of pilgrims
come here from all over the island.

Venetian Castle Antimahia

Published in: SIGHTS
on 20/06/2013

 located 3 km outside the town of Antimahia and dominates the entire region. In the early 19th century, constant raids forced the inhabitants to flee inside, and staying there until 1850.
Then, building new settlements in the northwest and southwest of the castle. Today fortification walls still stand and inside, there are tanks and two Byzantine churches. One of the churches are dedicated to Agia Paraskevi on July 26, there is a large festival that attracts many pilgrims.

Castle of Knights

Published in: SIGHTS
on 20/06/2013

dominates the right side of the harbor of Kos is perhaps the most remarkable building in the island. It was built by the Knights, who came to Kos in the 14th century probably on the ruins of a previous building, as shown ruins of ancient buildings, columns and other architectural elements inside the walls. The external construction of the castle began in 1495 and the existence of several carved armorial bear witness that external completed in 1524, while the interior was completed in 1748. Today, one can see parts of the walls and towers, stairs, hallways and doorways from the outside and the inside of the castle. Below the castle gate, found parts of a circular wall built in 1391 by the knights to protect the city. The most impressive parts of the castle is the southwest tower and the main entrance with three arched bridges and mobile portal.


Published in: SIGHTS
on 20/06/2013

 located in the Sanctuary of Asklepios. Its purpose is the conduct of medical research and the promotion of cooperation between doctors of various nationalities. Publish the works of Hippocrates and manuscripts Hippocratia School
grants and scholarships for important medical research and discoveries. Among its objectives is the creation of an international center with the name "city of Hippocrates", bringing together doctors from all over the world for conferences every five years. Would house a
museum and a rich library dedicated to the history and ethics of medicine.

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