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Kos Town

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on 20/06/2013

The town of Kos, the beautiful capital of the island is situated at the eastern coast of the island, within a wonderful overgrown natural environment. The modern town, counting approximately 18.000 permanent residents, has been built at the place of the ancient one; as a result the ruins of past, glorious times are visible everywhere. Moreover, the monuments of each historic period, from the remotest past up to nowadays alternate one another in an interesting cultural blend. The town, with its well-laid large streets and squares, the well restored historic buildings side by side to the modern constructions, has a quite original character.

Although human settlement in the area is dated as early as in the end of the 3rd millennium b. C., the town was in fact established in 366 b.C., when it was founded the new city, the capital city of the state of Kos. The town flourished during the Hellenistic and Roman periods; in these times the agora (market) of Kos was counted among the most important ones. As it happens today, even in past times the majority of economic, political and social activities took place at the port. For that reason, the most important sightseeing within the town is gathered in this area. It is here that you will see the Neratzia Castle, built by the Knights of St. John, as well as the Plane tree, one of the most ancient trees over the world under the shadow of which Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, gave his lessons.

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