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Archaeological Museum

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on 20/06/2013

Located in Liberty Square, opposite the mosque and market. The exhibits include sculptures from the Hellenistic and Roman Age, figurines, signs, etc. The museum consists of three exhibition spaces. The first room with exhibits from the Roman period, while the second contains OFA marble sculptures, and the statue of Hippocrates.
The third room contains artifacts from the Hellenistic and classical era, such as statues of the temple of Demeter at Cypress. Guests can admire the statue of Demeter and statues from the Roman era. The second floor exhibits
pretty vases from the Geometric and the Mycenaean Age. Another part of the exhibit is statuettes and a mosaic depicting Dionysus. The most important part is the head of Alexander the Great and Demeter, Roman statue
Mercury, the statue of Artemis and Asclepius, and other famous works.
 Tree of Hippocrates
 standing in front of the Castle of the Knights in the center of Kos Town. It is a huge tree with a circumference of twelve meters, which is considered to be the largest in Europe. The residents claim that was planted by Hippocrates, who
used it to teach under its shade. According to tradition, the Apostle Paul taught there. At this point, held every summer cultural festival.


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