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on 20/06/2013

The Asclepion is located 4 km west of Kos is the most important archaeological site on the island. Excavations began here in 1902, by James Zarafti from Kos and the German Herzog. The Asclepion was built in a green area full of cypress trees. During the ancient times, served as a sanatorium and it was dedicated to Asclepius, son of Apollo, protector of health and medicine. Many great scientists of antiquity had studied and worked here, including his father
of Medicine, Hippocrates. Because of the steep terrain, Asklipieio consists of four levels. The first is characterized by ruins of Roman constructions of the 1st AD century. The second is said to have housed the medical school, is known for its arches
and statues. Here were the spas that drew water from the source of King Chalkona. At the third level, the temple of Asclepius (4th century BC). Excavations around unearthed a priceless treasure for offers of
visitors, a semicircular platform and a small Roman temple dedicated to Nero. The fourth level was built in the 2nd century BC and included a large Doric temple, along with the chambers of patients.


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